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Find out about OCaml, read about users, see code examples, go through tutorials and Install OCaml, look up package docs, access the Manual, get the cheat  Companies using OCaml - About OCaml - Install OCaml - OCaml Planet. Contents. Strengths; A Widely Used Programming Language; Overview of the OCaml language and tools. Safety; Functions; Imperative features; Error recovery   Strengths - Widely Used - Overview of the OCaml - Data Types. What is OCaml? OCaml is a general purpose industrial-strength programming language with an emphasis on expressiveness and safety. It is the technology of .

OCaml is the most popular variant of the Caml language. From a language standpoint, it extends the core Caml language with a fully-fledged object-oriented . The OCaml system is the main implementation of the Caml language. It features a powerful module system and a full-fledged object-oriented layer. It comes with. OCaml comprises two compilers. One generates bytecode which is then interpreted by a C program. This compiler runs quickly, generates compact code with.

Just like StandardML, OCaml features both an interpreter, that can be used interactively, and a compiler. The interpreter binary is normally called “ocaml” and the. If you come from OCaml or are a newcomer reading a tutorial written on OCaml, this guide's for you! But don't forget that reason-tools can convert between. OCaml offers a happy compromise here, making it easy and natural to program in a pure style, but also providing great support for imperative programming. 5 Feb Reason is a new programming language backed by Facebook. The language itself is really an interface to OCaml a well-known functional. OCaml is a functional (applicative) programming language, but also an imperative language, and also an object-oriented language. This means you can mix.


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